Top 10 restaurants in Noida

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Thankfully, those days are long gone with the development of this urban place and the city has myriad options for foodies who are looking for an extravagant feast at a top-notch restaurant or a meal at an affordable food joint.

If you are in the vicinity of Noida, here exploring Top 10 standalone restaurants In Noida region with different price brackets to savor you an unforgettable fine dining experience.

Desi Vibes, sector-18

With a motto to serve authentic food that melts in mouth, a taste that mesmerizes senses, an ambiance that touches the heart and guest service that makes them feel royal all of this makes culture of Desi Vibes actually stand out in every section. Their delectable appetizers, whether it’s Mughlai and North Indian Cuisine especially Dal Makhani sure to suit every foodie’s taste. Their buffet reckoned to serve mouth-watering food and soothing beverages since 12 years to cast a charm on food lovers to come back time and again!. It is a must-visit place to taste the rich heritage of India.

Radisson Blu, sector-18

The multi-award winning Radisson Blu is one of India’s reputed restaurants, serving an eclectic menu of Indian, Pan-Asian, and Mediterranean, Japanese, Chinese, Seafood, Thai and Oriental cuisines to satisfy the urge of every visitor. Exotic spices and aromatic herbs with a bold twist of all across the country doesn’t cost heavy on your pocket. Discover the taste of different country through the multi-course Gourmand tasting menu of Radisson Blu, master chef.

The Ancient Barbeque, sector-63

The Ancient Barbeque is again a sizzling destination for foodies to savor an ancient dining experience that takes your senses direct on an eclectic culinary adventure through some of the delectable cuisines Awadhi Chicken Biryani, Patiala Murgh and Fish in Black Bean Sauce. Their menu covers all vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes with some sweet delicacy. The Ancient Barbeque is a perfect restaurant to enjoy a royal meal amid lush-green ambiance.

Nazeer Foods, sector-50

In the few years of set up, Nazeer Foods has become a popular name in Delhi and Noida. It’s a perfect place if you have a craving for authentic Mughlai, Tandoori Chicken, Afghani Chicken, Chicken Lollipop, Chicken Assami Tikka, Chicken Spring Roll, Fish Tikka Surmai, Fish Fry Surmai, Tawa Chicken and Fish Tikka. If you are thinking to have Mughlai this winter, come to Nazeer without any load on your pocket.

Earthen Oven, Fortune Inn Grazia, sector-27

If anyone of you shares a deep love for a North Indian cuisines blend of continental then Earthen Oven is your place that brings you their specialty Kebabs straight out from their oven. The variety and taste of their every dish will leave you craving for more. If you are planning to impress your dear one in your nearby Noida sector, ahead to Earthen Oven, their taste and ambiance will never disappoint you.

Binge, sector-62

Have you ever experienced the feeling of heaven right on the tip of your tongue? Well, if not, then ahead to Binge-it’s a food paradise. If you live or work around Noida, sector-62 give Binge a buffered shot to taste Chinese or continental cuisines. They have a broad range of separate option for both vegetarians and Non- vegetarians. The food is fresh and delicious to savor for. The restaurant is heaven for continental foodies.

My Way or The High Way, sector-18

Whether you are in a hungry mood for breakfast, lunch or dinner, dine on My Way or The High way to experience the blend of different cuisines. This decent restaurant My Way or The High Way located in the central stage of the Wave Mall in Noida. This homely restaurant is well known for serving Italian, Lebanese and north Indian dishes in an easygoing setting with a bar for cocktails to rock the savor of guests with some excitement.

Flluid-Mosaic, sector-18

From the fine ambiance to Italian cuisines, Flluid-Mosaic in sector-18 is the perfect restaurants to satiate your cravings. Whether your craving looking for extravagant feast or  Mediterranean dish, this restaurant has plenty of options for serving lip-smacking dishes to stand perfect in the expectation of visitors. Visit at Flluid-Mosaic to tickle your taste buds with some flavorful dish.

The Great Kabab Factory, sector-18

One popular newspaper published an article”If Kabab is the king of all snacks then The Great Kabab Factory had to be the King of kingmakers. The statement also stands true their customer’s honored them as a kingmaker of Kabab. Besides Kebabs, The Great Kabab Factory offers some other flavorsome dishes perfect mixture of every regional favorite dish. Do try their dishes, especially signature Kabab dishes and be a part of their kingdom.

A Grill Company, sector-32

As their name it says a lot of their specialty and enough to leave you with the craving to get the smoky spicy best-grilled food ever. Their array of mouthwatering and scrumptious dishes start from grilled chicken and ends at desserts to savor the visitor’s tastebud with sweet memories. If you feel like to taste the Grilled chicken, then A Grill Company in Noida is perfect for your mood to suffice your craving.

The moment you taste the special delicacies of these top 10 restaurants will confront you an experience like never before. Each of these restaurants offers something that makes them special in their comfort zone. There is a lot more going on in Noida that might you have not got the time to experience to taste. Or else can ahead direct to  to order your food online from these top restaurants to troll your senses with an obsession with eating lip-smacking dishes.

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